How To Write SEO Catchy Headlines That Improves Clicks

How To Write SEO Catchy Headlines That Improve Clicks

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So you have written your blog post? What now? Sit, wait, and hope for people to click on your link posted elsewhere? No, you have to do the work and learn how to write catchy headlines that will get an enormous amount of link clicks.

Did you know that people are more likely to click on your post when the title moves them in any way?

Even if the body or your content is overflowing with high-quality juices of information, yet your title is boring, people will skip it.

Good, catchy blog titles comprise of elements that you need to know right now so that your awesome blog post will get the attention it deserves.

So how do you do it?

There are elements that you need to put together in order to come up with a title that will propel your post to success.

  • It needs to resonate with your audience.
  • They should be emotionally attached to it.
  • It should contain figures or numerical values.
  • It should come up as attainable and timely.
  • Questions are great to feed people’s curiosity.
  • Use reasoning.

1. Figures or Numbers

Numbers are eye-catching; it gains people’s attention. Numbers sure spikes curiosity.

Humans are curious beings by nature. When somebody makes a post about earning $1,000 from doing “so and so”, you don’t hesitate to click on it and see how he did it.

Numbers present concrete evidence. So, if your post is about attaining success in something, definitely use numbers that are true to its sense. You are using numbers as a piece of evidence, so make sure that it aligns with your content or a part of it.

Example of numbers that you can use in making catchy blog titles

  • 3 Steps
  • 9 Tips
  • 8 Ways
  • $1,000
  • 2 Weeks

List posts AKA listicles sell to readers because it tells them what they can expect with the content. It’s a form of a hint, and people like hints so this makes it effective. Although lists are “overused” in the blogging space, it still undeniably works.

Pair numbers with the next elements below to make it more captivating.

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2. Adjectives

Adjectives convey emotion. It’s powerful and very effective when you use it in your blog post titles.

Adjectives are catchy on its own, thus, adding it to your post titles will sure capture emotions. When your audience is attracted to the title because of the emotional benefit it contains, they will want to know more.

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Adjectives also describe the content in a brief way. So if you are writing a billion-dollar post, make sure that people will know about it at first glance by implementing the adjective it deserves in the title.

Example of adjectives in blog post title

  • Free
  • Fun
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Strange
  • New
  • Great
  • Best
  • Brilliant
  • Fantastic
  • Killer
  • Horrific
  • Simple
  • Valuable

3. Questions

How, Why, What, Where, When – these words are curiosity triggers. “How” and “Why” are the most common questions I’ve seen in blog post titles.

There is a reason why questions are widely-used in titles and copies. It’s because they are effective.

In writing question types of titles, remember to think about your target audience. Questions are not that effective when it does not directly pertain to your audiences’ pain point.

4. Rationale

Your content or blog post is a large gathering of texts that most people do not like to read. Attention-span is so short these days; your titles should do the work to let them know what they can get.

Let them know what your post is about by placing the subject or object in the title. Are you writing about principles, lessons, facts, strategies?

This one word in your post titles is crucial, but choose the right word for it. If you are writing about common tips that people can find in most blogs, do not write “hacks”. You get what I mean.

5. Headline Analyzer

A headline should have an emotional, spiritual, or intellectual presence to make it appealing to readers. But if you can have two or all of these aspects in your blog post titles, it’s an ultimate win!

There are AI headline analyzers available for free that you can take advantage of. I often use AMI (Advanced Marketing Institute) to analyze blog post titles.

Coschedule has a more in-depth result analysis. But you need to opt-in before getting the first result.

How To Write SEO Catchy Headlines That Improves Clicks
AMI’s analysis on this post’s title.

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

David Ogilvy

Implementing SEO In Catchy Headlines

“Here we go again with SEO”. Don’t be tired of hearing this, because as a blogger, you signed up for it.

As you might have known, we do SEO not just in the content of our post but in the title as well. If you have Yoast or similar plugin installed in WordPress, you are already familiar with it.

So, we put the keyphrase directly on the title. But because we are also aiming for catchy headlines, the story gets complicated. This is when creativity should rule.

As a blogger with a goal to make an income from your blog, you have to hone your creative skills in coming up with titles that are SEO-friendly and catchy at the same time.

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How to implement SEO in catchy headlines?

Yoast is pretty handy in this situation. The keyword that you targeted in your post should be in the title as well and Yoast will show a red dot if it isn’t there.

Let’s say, you are targeting the keyword “long-distance relationship”. These phrases should appear in the title apart from it being dense in the content itself.

Considering the 5 elements that are mentioned above, you need to come up with a title such as, “6 Habits Long-Distance Relationship Couples Do To Boost Trust”.

The example is a good catchy headline because it has:

  • Number
  • Subject
  • Emotional Value/Sentiment
  • Target Keyphrase
  • 44% EMV value
How To Write SEO Catchy Headlines That Improves Clicks

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Final Thoughts

It takes practice to be good at creating catchy headlines that make people click. Once you master the important elements that should be present in a title, your post clicks will definitely improve.

You may go back and forth trying to get a good EMV score while keeping the keyphrase. That’s okay because it will pay off.

Do you also do this process when creating titles for your blog posts or email headlines? I would love to hear what works for you in the comments below.

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