Munchbox Review | Is It A Good Bento Box For Kids?

Munchbox Review | Is It A Good Bento Box For Kids?

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After 2 years of using the same bento lunch box for my son, I am so thrilled for this review. Yes, we’ve been using the same lunch box for 2 straight years and counting.

I know we are on a mandatory physical distancing state right now, however, sooner or later we will all go back to normal. Kids will go back to school and things will slowly crawl back up to where they used to be.

It’s been 3 weeks of being out-of-school for the kids. I missed making lunches, however, I don’t like doing it everyday. Moms who have to make 2 or more lunch packs daily are super moms. I have to do it for only one kid and I am disliking it already.

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How did we come up with the Munchbox bento box?

I am fond of food separated in sections, especially in lunch boxes as they tend to be gross when dry food mixes with wet food. Bento box is great for this.

When my son was about to enter kindergarten, I knew exactly that we needed a bento type of lunch box for school. I am frugal when it comes to buying these kinds of things. But I don’t settle to junk just because it was cheap.

School necessities need to be durable because we know, kids just don’t take good care of their stuff. They will throw it on the ground some days. I saw my son do this, so I am not taking chances in low quality items.

Where I bought the Munchbox online

I am an online shopper and my go-to store is Amazon. I have been a prime member since 2012, and I love it! It’s such a lifesaver being able to order much-needed items at a rush shipping and it gets to me in a day or two.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that I don’t look at independent websites as well. If you have read my other post about saving money and how I shop, you will know how I do it.

That being said, I look at Amazon US and Canada (yes, I am a crazy online shopper). And then I hop into Google to find brands and websites where I can possibly find a good bento lunch box which does not cost an arm and a leg.

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I found out that the average price for lunch boxes for kids costs around $40-$50. Although this sounds pricey, if you are buying a durable one, it will pay off. And I wasn’t wrong. It totally lasted for us, 2 years in a row and counting.

I ended up buying it on Amazon as the prices were pretty much the same. And I am more confident buying it there as they have a really nice refund policy in case something happens with the order.

What did we end up buying?

So there’s a whole bunch of brands of bento boxes for kids. I find that Yumbox is popular and pricier than the average ones. It has good reviews as well.

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However, I did not buy a Yumbox. I went for an unpopular one (during that time) instead. Of course, I considered the reviews and I was satisfied so I went ahead and bought it.

I bought the Munchbox in blue color. There were a few 1 and 3 stars in Amazon reviews but the pictures showed that it’s the one we need. I paid $29.99 Canadian not including taxes. It was a good deal for me, compared to the Yumbox which is $49.99.

Munchbox Review | Is It A Good Bento Box For Kids?

The box has a durable feel in person. The lid has good sealing made of a rubber-like material. The one on the picture above is exactly what we got.

Per this writing, I discovered that there is a similar brand that is based in Australia. I am not sure if it’s the same or a sister brand with what we have in Canada because the logo is different. But base on the pictures of first-hand users, it seems that it has similar features with the one we have.



Proven to be a cost-effective bento box

I bought the bento box in hopes to use it for a year. But, it obviously surpassed my expectations. It’s been two years and still good as new when it comes to performance. Apart from normal scratches and wear from everyday use, it is still great!

My son has dropped it many times already, not including the times that I did not witness. It was really worth the price.

I sometimes put yogurt on the middle round compartment and it’s never leaked to the other sections nor in the backpack. Also, I never have to worry about putting this bento box in his backpack together with books and papers because it does not leak.

The box also came with a bag that is fitting the bento box exactly.

Do bento boxes leak?

The answer is it highly depends on the brand. Before buying a bento box, consider reviews. And do not settle on one website as a source of reviews. It is also more reliable if you see real pictures of customers so you know that the review is genuine.

Do bento boxes keep the food fresh?

Personally, I would say it will, 50%. Why? Because it does not really keep the food fresh as regular bento boxes do not have insulation (some has). But, it does keep the food more “edible” as it does not mix with the others.

What can I use instead of a bento box?

There is a cheaper route if you don’t want a real bento box. You can get tight-sealed mini food boxes from a dollar store or Walmart. Then, put them in a larger box with also a good seal. And that simply makes your DIY bento lunch box.

This is actually great since kids can take each mini box out compared to the normal bento boxes where the compartments are built-in.

Final thoughts

Munchbox is worth the price. For $29.99 CAD on Amazon, it lasted for 2 years for us. And I expect it to provide us with 2 more years of service with its current condition.

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I have seen many negative reviews for the specific brand of bento box which made me wonder if there is a knock-off version of it. Because we have a really good experience with ours.

Munchbox Review

The listing isn’t currently available right now on Amazon Canada. I am hoping though that it be in-stock when it’s time for us to buy again.

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