Best Ways To Keep Your Mental Sanity In Times Of Crisis

Best Ways To Maintain Your Mental Sanity In Times Of Crisis

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A mass crisis is inevitable to happen. As a younger mom of a 6-year old boy, insanity is part of my daily life. I bet you agree that living in a home being the only woman means you get to deal with the “guy deeds”. Yet, at the end of the day, I pull myself together to bring my mental sanity back.

However today, we are facing a giant crisis.

It was the beginning of January 2020 when I heard about this harrowing coronavirus outbreak in some parts of China. I’ve always heard things like it about the said country so I did not bother digging for more info.

After the Chinese New Year, the news seems to be focused on the outbreak. I kept reading awful social media posts about it. That time. I am somewhat concerned; however, I was overly confident that it would not reach Northern America.

Fast forward to March, the news keeps getting worse about the infection that the World Health Organization considered it a pandemic. Apparently, the virus has made its way to other countries due to fleeing Chinese citizens seeking a safe place.

The panic has set in around the world. South Korea and Italy had been the next hotspot for the infection. Distressing news about mass deaths populated the internet. By this time, Canada is already seeing some positive cases.

The news all over the world is disheartening. Everybody is worrisome; the majority is panicking. Store stocks are depleting on alcohol, hand sanitizers, food supplies, and toilet paper (I know, eh?). Face masks have been unavailable everywhere by this time.

I worry about my family’s health. Although the government has been proactive in the last couple of days, I cannot contain my negative thoughts about the future. I know it isn’t just me that is currently developing mental insanity over this crisis.

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How to keep your mental sanity in this crisis

We are on lockdown for a week now. But amidst all the worries for an uncertain future, I keep myself distracted from what is going on outside. It’s important to focus on positive things to keep yourself mentally stable.

1. Spend a chunk of your time with your kids

Kids are always a source of happiness. I agree, at times they can give you a headache. But most of the time, they give us joy and relief from our worries. Having a cute conversation while joining them with their play helps you focus on their small world where problems are inexistent.

2. Drink your favourite beverage (no alcohol)

Coffee or tea on your alone time is a great way to relax. Having a cup of your favourite warm beverage first thing in the morning boosts your energy. It’s always nice to start our day feeling pumped.

3. Fill your stomach

Put something in your stomach and don’t leave it empty for long periods. You don’t have to have a full stomach to function. Have enough to be able to work around the house without empty stomach pain. Avoid any form of pain during a crisis as it contributes to mental depression.

4. Utilize technology

I’m so thankful that we are living in an advanced world where we can see and talk to each other even a thousand miles apart. Being an immigrant, I think about my family back home than here in this present difficulty. Thank goodness for video calls, we can update each other’s situation very often.

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Another thing that you can do with technology to ease your mind in this unprecedented time is to simply use your phone and take photos with your family. Play with filters and stickers and make an endless fun out of it.

5. Reduce clutter

According to WebMD clutter has a negative effect on mental health. Clutter can present as chaos, hence affects your mental state and sanity. They have added that a study had concluded that people who had messy homes had a higher level of stress hormones throughout the day.

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I am personally easily triggered when the house is super messy. To lessen my stress and improve my mental sanity, I teach my son how to maintain tidiness by making sure that he cleans up his toys after playing.

6. Think positive

There’s a whole lot of difference when you start thinking on the positive side of things rather than the gloomy ones. Bad things are bound to happen. We sometimes encounter hardships, calamities, crisis. The most important thing is to have positive thinking.

Training your mind to look on the bright side has a good impact on your mental health. Every time unpleasant things occur, divert your mind towards good thoughts. Do not dwell on negative thoughts.

I’ve learned this trick and it made so much difference, making my sanity bounce back easily.

7. Look at the bigger picture

It’s easy to seclude our minds when a negative thing is happening. Know that it does not help with the situation. Look at the greater side of things. Look at the bigger picture, the future.

When you start thinking of the situation as a whole, you can easily lighten up your thoughts. You can overcome anything; difficult situations happen to anyone. Imagine it to be a chapter that eventually has an ending.

8. Eat healthily

Healthy eating results in a healthy body that we need at times of crisis. Our body system works interdependently to fight all kinds of physical and mental illness.

Being stuck at home at this moment can promote binge eating. Stock up on fruits and veggies so you don’t reach for junk foods easily.

The enemy that we are facing today could not be seen by the naked eye but can be battled through a strong immune system. That alone should convince you to eat healthy meals and snacks to boost your immune system.

9. Watch funny videos and memes

Have you been into a sad or angry state but suddenly chuckled because of a funny video or meme. It always happens to me. It’s amazing to realize that our moods and emotions can be easily modified by what we see.

Memes are great diversional media. Memes do make us laugh, and laughing is associated with healthiness. Don’t let your day pass without having a laugh.

I found some good coronavirus memes that’s chuckle-worthy.


I hope everyone is staying safe at home. We will be able to get through this together. Remember that this situation can’t be forever. The ideas I mentioned above should help you get through with the mental aspect of this pandemic.

What are your ways of keeping your mental sanity at the desired level? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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